The goal of our laboratory is to develop  nanoparticulate carriers for safe and efficient delivery of biotherapeutic drugs- polypeptides and nucleic acids. Biotherapeutics are a class of high molecular mass drugs that have the potential to effectively treat a variety of diseases.

Nucleic Acid Delivery via Nanoparticles (NP) to modify disease processes and mediate therapeutic effects. (Artwork was conceptualized by Dr. Manickam and was created by Daria Filonov (Alakhova), PhD, CSO at Alpha Nano Tech).

Nucleic acid therapy makes use of therapeutic molecules such as DNA and siRNA to  induce and knockdown gene expression, respectively in appropriate disease models. See our Research page for more!

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Interested in Research?

We are on a constant look out for motivated undergraduate/graduate students (with a background in any of the following: Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy, Chemical/Biomedical Engineering) to join our group. Although there are only seasonal openings for PhD students, we welcome interested people to join our research via other avenues. Please contact Dr. Manickam (soundaramanickd@duq.edu) if you are interested.